Situation triangle

This activity provided by 'LANDED' aims to increase participants' awareness of the many situations an individual can get themselves into when under the influence of alcohol and the possible consequences of their actions.


You will need...

Timing: 20mins

The situation triangle looks at the who, what and where of situations where alcohol is involved.

Alcohol affects our behaviour. Sometimes, it can make occasions and nights out appear happy and fun, but drink too much and we can end up in tears, aggressive, out of control and making dodgy decisions.

Using random cards we will place ourselves in different roles and situations to work out ways to handle each situation.

Check out the information in the link from 'The Mix' to learn more about problem drinking. Watch the video to find out more about the effects of alcohol on the teenage brain.



WHO: Does who we are, our age and our ability matter to how we handle alcohol?


WHAT: Does what we drink make any difference, or is it just a matter of how much we drink?


WHERE: Do your drinking habits change when you're at a family party from when you're at the park with your friends? Do you ever find yourself drinking alone?


WHY: There is evidence that drinking to deal with pain or trauma is the most problematic. What can you do other than drink? How can you stay in the situation and stay safe?


WHY NOT: Sometimes peer pressure to drink and/or be violent is part of a local culture - a way to survive. Drinking makes some people think they are more confident or harder and makes them do things they wouldn't do sober.

What would you never dream of doing sober? Talk about ways you can remind yourself of this when you're under the influence. Think of ways you can get yourself out of the situation.

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