Aye or naw

The purpose of this discussion is to tackle some of the myths about knife crime, so that everyone fully understands that violence is not acceptable or normal.


You will need...

Timing: 10mins

Sometimes people get caught up in violence because people talk about it in ways that makes it seem normal. Violence and knife crime is not normal. Discussions like this one help dispel any myths and work out what is real.

Ask group members to respond to each statement with an 'aye' or 'naw' or whatever version of yes and no you use in your local dialect. Then go on to explain why you chose each answer. The real answer is in brackets.





Men are more likely to carry knives than women. (Aye)


It is more likely that you will be stabbed by a stranger than someone you know. (Naw)


Police can stop and search you if they think you are carrying a knife. (Aye)


Most people who carry knives are under 25. (Naw, they are usually over 25)


Carrying a knife is a good way to protect yourself in a risky area. (Naw, carrying a knife can lead to using it. Or you can be prosecuted for carrying.)

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