What's for you will not go by you?

What is your reason for being? This activity aims to help us find out.

What you will need

You will need...

Timing: 20mins

  • Paper, coloured pens
  • Ikagai worksheet
  • The video links to inspiring thoughts from Jim Carey
  • The useful link gives you more information on ikagai


Start by...

Start by explaining that in Japan they have a cool thing called 'ikigai' which means your reason for being. In Scotland it's just not the sort of thing we talk about. You hear people say things like 'it is what it is' as if we shouldn't expect to live our dreams or that we have an important reason for being.

Middle bit...

Give out prints of worksheet, or draw four circles and write within these areas:

  1. Things you are good at (strengths)
  2. What you love (interests)
  3. What you think you might get paid to do (e.g. your skills at home or school)
  4. What the world needs that you can do (e.g. helping or caring)

End by...

As a group, discuss different answers. If anyone is unsure what to put, invite others to say what qualities each of them have.

Then, thinking about all of the answers think about what this says about:

  • Your mission: your connection between what you love and what is beneficial to others
  • Your vocation: a connection between what you could get paid to do and what is beneficial (this is why some people volunteer, or work for chairities)
  • Your profession: a connection between what you are good at and what employers are looking for (e.g. social skills, good at talking to people, being organised etc.)
  • Your passion: this is so often overlooked at school, yet when people find their passion it never feels like hard work.
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