Man box

An opportunity to discuss the questions that were asked as part of the 'man box' research in the UK, US and Mexico. 


You will need...

Timing: 15mins

Research in the USA, Mexico and the UK discovered that young men who identify with masculine stereotypes are in the 'man box' and have a lot in common.

See how you would respond to the questions.





Does your family and friends have rigid ideas and norms about what “real men” should believe and how they should behave?


Should boys or people who identify as male be taught how to care for others and take care of the house, or should they be preparing to go out and earn money for the family?


Is it okay for a man/male to say no to sex or is it manly to be 'hyper sexual'?


Do men and boys need to be aggressive, controlling and dominant?


Should a man or someone who identifies as male be able to show his emotions and cry?

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