Mixing Mark's emotions

Using Mark's story, we reflect on Mark's emotions as a young man growing up in Scotland.


You will need...

Timing: 15mins

When watching the video Mark's Story, ask the group to think about the different roles played by different genders in the story.



What role do women take on in the video? Is it different for younger and older women?


What role do the men take on in the video? Is it different for younger and older men?


Are the expectations on Mark as a young man positive or negative?


How difficult would it be for Mark to follow the advice the women in his life give him? Is it possible to break free from the expectations on Mark to fight Ian?


An interesting development since the story was made, is that after being cast for this film Connor Newall, who plays Mark had his photo sent to a modelling agency.

Since then he has become a successful model in fashion magazines such as GQ and Vogue and clothing brands such as Dsquared and Stone Island. Although Connor grew up in a similar area to Mark, his real life is now very different from the stereotypes of Mark's story.

What stereotypes exist for us and how can we break free from them?

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