This topic provides you with an adaptable 8 week programme to deliver to primary schools. It includes all of our modules at an appropriate level for upper primary school. 



Primary Schools

Explore our simplified seven modules with upper primary school aged pupils. 

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An adaptable 8 week programme covering all topic areas.

Week 1 - Violence in Scotland

This lesson provides an introduction to youth violence, exploring what the young people already know. 
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Week 2 - Knife Facts and The Bystander Approach

Learn facts about knife crime and how to be an active bystander. What impact can we have on a situation to change the outcome?
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Week 3 - Alcohol

What are the effects of alcohol on our bodies and brains? Explore the impact of alcohol both physically and mentally.
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Week 4 - First Aid

These sessions build upon being an active bystander and show you how to perform basic first aid. 
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Week 5 - Positive Masculinity 

Explore what it means to be a man. How do lables and stereotypes effect this?
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Week 6 - Mental Wellbeing

Take control of your thoughts. Explore how thoughts work and begin to take control of the impact they have on you. 
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Week 7 and 8 - Social Action

Create a way to showcase your groups learning through social action.
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A quiz about what you've learned about youth violence.

Each quiz lets you answer questions as an individual or a group.  Feel free to try it more than once.

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Real life from behind the knife

Lisa's story

These real life stories explain the background, the challenges of being involved in knife crime and the hard lessons learned when trying to move on.

Click the link to read the story and interact with a video, audio track or illustration.

Lisa's story
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