Social Action

This topic explores how young people can get involved in social action. Small actions within your communities can build up to have an impact nationally. Are you ready to learn how?



 The Influencer

When a young person takes part in meaningful social action it can transform their character and grow their sense of well-being. Those who take part are also more likely to feel engaged with their organisation and ultimately develop the skills employers want. Discover ways to young people can get involved in social action. 

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Get involved in some activities

Peer Power

Use your peer power to influence the people in power. This session guides you on how to write a letter to influential people. 
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Amplifying Voices

Got something to say? Create a podcast to share your opinion or interview others on risk taking behaviours.
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Awareness to Action

Raise awareness of youth violence and risk taking behaviours by creating posters to put up around your organisation and/or community. 
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Empowering Choices

This session looks at creating a presentation to help others make more informed decisions around risk-taking behaviours.
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Create a Ripple Effect

Explore how a small act within your community can have a national impact.
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Signature Collection

Gather momentum and influence change within your community by creating a petition. 
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Get a discussion going

UNC Rights of a Child

This activity aims to increase participants' awareness of their rights as a young person and how social action can ensure they are being met.
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Positive Social Action

What is positive social action and how can we use it to make meaningful changes within our communities. 
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The Importance of Youthwork

Explore the importance of youthwork and its impact on young people.
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Peer Educators - Increasing Your Social Action

As peer educators, you are already involved in social action by educating those within your organisation and communities on social action. Here are some ideas on how you can increase this!

Extend Your Impact

Deliver your sessions outwith your organisation. With the help of your supporter, reach out to other schools/organisations who may benefit.

Deliver an Assembly 

Share your learning with the masses. You could deliver an assembly to your peers, parents or the community. 
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Become a NKBL Young Influencer

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Real life from behind the knife

Lisa's story

These real life stories explain the background, the challenges of being involved in knife crime and the hard lessons learned when trying to move on.

Click the link to read the story and interact with a video, audio track or illustration.

Lisa's story
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