Wrong place, right time

Using the Knife Crime Animation, we look at the role an active bystander can take.

What you will need

You will need...

Timing: 20mins

  • PC or device to play the video
  • Projector or screen to show the animated video


Start by...

Start by introducing the animated video. Explain that this video was made to show that carrying a knife has consequences. However, we want you to focus on the bystanders. Group members are asked to identify the bystanders in this story.

Middle bit...

Get into pairs and identify parts of the story where the bystanders can take action. Then watch the video again and ask the group to call out when the video should be paused.

At each pause, explain what the bystanders could do differently that would make them more active.

See how many changes can be made to the story.

End by...

Sum up each of the ideas. Give praise for each one, because it is never easy to be an active bystander.

Reflect on how they themselves would feel about being an active bystander.

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