Let's talk about John

We link to John's story to think about the causes and consequences of violence in his life.


You will need...

Timing: 15mins

Make sure you've looked at John's story before starting this discussion.

The video link takes you to a 30 minute video called 'Wasted Nation' which highlights some of the causes and consequences of knife crime.

Despite reductions over the last 10 years there is still a lot of work to do to change the way we perceive violence and how we tackle.





What adverse situations were happening at home for John when he was younger?


John says he stayed away from home for days taking drink and drugs to block out his problems. If John was your friend, what would you say to him if you knew he was doing that?


John mentioned that he got help in hospital from someone on the Navigator project. Is having a navigator in hospitals a good idea and are there other supports that could have been in place sooner for John?


Thinking about how fear escalates, are there any clues about ways this happened for John? And could he have done something to manage this better?


John said that being free from alcohol and not carrying a knife keeps his life free from chaos and pain. What else will he need to keep going?

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