Community of practice

We bring together violence prevention practitioners and partners from across Scotland in our community of practice.

This extends to those in a variety of settings including youth groups, schools, local communities, residential units and youth projects. It works as a platform for sharing information and good practice, as well as providing opportunities for networking and national events.

What we do

NKBL has been going since 2009, and has had a massive impact on young people’s lives directly, and through our youth work programmes.

Events and Activities

We run national events and activities 

These are shaped by what our partners and individual practitioners have told us they find most useful and relevant to their work, and on topics they would like to learn more about.
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We design and host training sessions and materials

These offer the opportunity for partners to share their experiences and promote good practices across our community
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Monthly Newsletter and Blog

We want to hear from you

We have a monthly newsletter and practitioners from our community also discuss relevant issues on our blog. If you would be interested in sharing your own knowledge and experience as a blog post, please get in touch.
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