Supporting young people to make more positive choices when it comes to knife crime and youth violence.

No Knives, Better Lives is a prevention, early intervention and education programme in Scotland. We help youth workers and practitioners working with young people to empower those who may be at risk of youth violence to choose a better path.

I work with young people and I’m looking for advice
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Impact that lasts a lifetime

Since 2009, we have supported the right for young people to be safe from fear and violence, and provide tools and resources to enable this.

Since NKBL started:



Received capacity building training and resources to deliver violence prevention work


Peer educators

Trained to educate other young people about knife carrying and being an active bystander


Young people

Have received an NKBL session

Do you work with  young people?

Join our community of practice to connect with other youth work practitioners working in violence prevention across Scotland.
Community of practice

Lived experiences

Real stories from young people in Scotland whose lives have been impacted by knife crime.

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Anonymous knife interview

A former knife carrier explains how they got involved in knife crime and the consequences of their choices.

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Amanda’s story

Amanda was 18 when she was charged and sentenced to 22 months in Cornton Vale Prison for possession of a knife.

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