The consequences

Even if nobody gets injured, there can be serious and life-long consequences to carrying a knife.

If you get caught with a knife

Get caught and you face a prison sentence of up to five years. That’s just for possessing a knife in a public place.

If you hurt someone there will be other charges to answer and you could go to prison for longer.

Your loved ones will suffer

No parent or grandparent wants to think their child or grandchild is going to have to go to prison. For many, the only nightmare that’s worse is the thought of you getting injured or killed.

Any brothers and sisters you have will be devastated at the prospect of you not being around for months or even years. They could face lots of hassle at school and on the street too—and you won’t be around to stick up for them.

Your family could be at risk

If you pull a knife on someone, their mates could come looking for you at home. This could put your family in danger, as well as your friends.

Your future might be ruined

If you get convicted for a knife crime you’ll have a criminal record. Sentences over 30 months stay on your record for life.

People with criminal records—especially for violent behaviour—find it much more difficult to find work.

They are barred from doing some jobs altogether, like working around children, young people or the elderly, or even being a bouncer in a pub or club.

Criminal records for violence also make it harder to get into college or university.

Holidays and travel will be difficult

Lots of countries don’t let people in who have criminal records, like the USA, Canada and Australia—even just on holiday.

Don’t be in the dark

Get the facts about knife crime in black and white.
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