Lived experiences

Every day, we work with and speak to people all over Scotland who’ve been affected by knife crime. The victims, those who’ve been convicted for carrying knives, and the loved ones on both sides.

Here's a collection of their stories

Sam's story

Lynn Burn’s son Sam was murdered in Ayrshire in 2013 and died from a single stab wound to his chest.

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Amanda's story

Amanda was 18 when she was charged and sentenced to 22 months in Cornton Vale Prison for possession of a knife.

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Lisa's story

Influenced by drink and drugs, Lisa spiralled into a life of violence and knife crime. As a result she lost care of her son and spent time in prison.

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John's story

John began carrying a knife at 16 after an assault. He ended up in and out of young offenders institutes and was seriously injured in fights.

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Anonymous knife interview

A former knife carrier explains how they got involved in knife crime and the consequences of their choices.

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Anonymous alcohol interview

The story of how an alcohol addiction consumed one person’s life and led to crime, violence and harm caused to loved ones.

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Steven's story

Steven was left disabled by an unprovoked knife attack by a stranger while withdrawing money from a cash machine.

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Scott's story

Scott was left paralysed from the neck down when he was the victim of an unprovoked knife attack aged just 16-years-old.

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