Steven's story

Steven was left disabled by an unprovoked knife attack by a stranger while withdrawing money from a cash machine. He was 25 and on leave from the Territorial Army when the knife attack took place in September 2005, just yards from his father’s house.

The attack

Steven was chased and felt a sharp pain in his right side. When he began to struggle he was stabbed again, twice behind his knee, collapsing and later passing out.

Luckily, Steven was found and taken away in an ambulance, only regaining consciousness in the hospital. He sustained injuries that required eight major operations over the coming months and ultimately resulted in his leg being amputated in December 2005.

Life changing injuries

“I left the hospital and really depended on my family as I couldn’t leave the house. I suffered post-traumatic stress disorder and developed a temper I’d never had before.”


A long road to recovery

Finding it difficult to escape the fateful night, Steven had flashbacks and nightmares for months after the attack which only added to his growing frustrations.

After a lot of encouragement from his sister, who hated seeing her brother feel this way, Steven decided not to let the knife attack and his injuries take over his life and he went back to college to study holistic therapy. 

Steven found a talent and real interest in holistics, which was noticed by his tutor who encouraged him to specialise in the subject. Steven has now qualified and also teaches a local swim team, offering support and advice to others with disabilities.

“It took me a long time to get to where I am now. I’ll never be able to escape what happened to me, but I would ask anyone that carries a knife to think twice about it. And for those who see others with a knife, tell someone about it—there’s always someone to listen to you.”

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