This topic promotes safe use of alcohol and looking out for one another. Contrary to popular opinion there are limits to how much alcohol we can cope with. It's really not 'big' to drink until you lose control. By being good to yourself and being a good friend you can take back control. Are you ready to learn how?



 The Influence of Alcohol

Alcohol is part of our cultural life from celebrating a big occasion to enjoying a night out. If we don't watch our limits and watch out for each other, the fun can quickly turn and we can find ourselves in serious danger. 

Discover ways to make sure that the next morning, it's only the laughs we remember.

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Get involved in some activities

Story of a Night Out

These sessions from British Red Cross show how to become an active bystander and perform basic first aid in a party scenario.
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What's Controlling You?

Explore how much control we think we have over our lives and our alcohol and substance use. And how to take responsibility for the things we can do.
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Don't Drop It!

Find out how much the group know about alcohol and its links to violence.
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Get a discussion going

Situation Triangle

This activity aims to increase participants' awareness of the many situations an individual can get themselves into
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A New Life for Lisa

We put ourselves in Lisa's shoes to try to prevent her from getting involved in alcohol and knife crime.
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Just One More!

Discussing our relationship with alcohol.
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A quiz about what you've learned on the topic of alcohol.

Each quiz lets you answer questions as an individual or a group. When the quiz is finished, press the button to reveal the answers and see how much you've picked up. Feel free to try it more than once.

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Real life from behind the knife

Lisa's story

These real life stories explain the background, the challenges of being involved in knife crime and the hard lessons learned when trying to move on.

Click the link to read the story and interact with a video, audio track or illustration.

Lisa's story
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