A new life for Lisa

We put ourselves in Lisa's shoes to try to prevent her from getting involved in alcohol and knife crime.


You will need...

Timing: 15mins

After listening to Lisa's story, bring the group together in a circle to discuss the following questions.





"Getting into fights, spending all of my money on alcohol, missing important appointments, family and friends weren’t interested in me."

Imagine you were Lisa's friend. What would you say if you saw Lisa doing these things?


Lisa mentions that she would sometimes wonder about the people she was mixing with and whether they were 'trust-worthy'.

When should you walk away and move on from a friend or group of friends? Have you ever had to do this? What do you need to be able to move on from people that have a negative influence?


Lisa said that alcohol gave her 'fake confidence'.

How can you get 'real confidence' without any help from alcohol or other substances?


In Scotland, people will often give 'friendly' advice to have a drink or get drunk if we're feeling down.

What other ways can you help yourself or others to feel good?


Lisa's advice is to not be the person 'they' want you to be, but to be the person you are deep inside.

Who do you think you are deep inside?

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