Don't drop it!

To find out how much the group know about alcohol and its links to violence.

What you will need

You will need...

Timing: 10mins

  • A ball (or something to throw)
  • A list of alcoholic drinks


Start by...

Use a ball or something you can pass between each other. Explain that you've to pass the ball without dropping it. But you have to call the name of the person you are passing to before you pass it to them.

Middle bit...

See how quickly you can pick up the pace. Now, when you catch it you've to name an alcoholic drink that starts with the same letter has their name (E.g. Vikki Vodka). Does the game slow down?

You can mix it up by thinking of non-alcoholic drinks. Does the group know as many names?

End by...

Chat about what the group knows about alcohol products? Are they as confident that they know about the effects of alcohol?

You are welcome to show the video from Drinkaware UK which introduces the effects of alcohol on the brain.

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