What's  controlling you?

Exploring how much control we think we have over our lives and our alcohol and substance use. Taking responsibility for the things we can do something about.

What you will need

You will need...

Timing: 20mins

  • How Much Control Do You Have - Circle of Control (Handout)
  • Flipchart or Whiteboard
  • A screen and projector or PC to show the video


Start by...

Have a look at the image in the handout. Think in general about the things we can and can't control.

Middle bit...

  1. Give out the handout.
  2. Ask everyone to work in pairs and make a note of what they would put inside the circle of control and outside the circle. Try to focus in on our relationship with alcohol and substances.
  3. Open up the discussion and see if there are things that we could influence that would give us more control
  4. What can we focus on more?
  5. Are there things going on in our lives or in the world that 'concern' us but we have little control over? Can we let these things go?

End by...

Play the poem video, which sums up what we're talking about and see if people feel inspired by this.

Ask everyone to say one thing that they are going to try to focus on to give them more positive control over their alcohol or substance use.

The link icon will take you to a web page on alcohol and anxiety from Drinkaware UK.

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