Maybe aye, maybe naw!

An interactive game to explore the truth about knife crime.

What you will need

You will need...

Timing: 15mins

Open the link on facts about knife crime.


Start by...

Ask everyone to go to the middle of the room. Explain that you are about to read a number of statements and the answer is Aye (Yes/Agree) or Naw (No/Disagree). Designate one side of the room for Aye and the opposite side for Nae Danger.

Middle bit...

  • Men are more likely to carry knives than women (Aye)
  • It is more likely that you will be stabbed by a stranger than someone you know (Nae Danger)
  • Police can stop and search you if they think you are carrying a knife. (Aye)
  • Most people who carry knives are under 25 (Nae Danger)

End by...

Come back together as a group and discuss what we think we know about knife crime and how this compares with the truth.

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