Wha's like us?

A group activity to explore stereotypes and assumptions.

What you will need

You will need...

Timing: 10mins

The group need to see this picture or the copy in the presentation.


Start by...

For this activity we are looking at the characters in the cartoon image on this page [see download or presentation in "What you will need"].

Middle bit...

Split into pairs and discuss who in the picture they think is more likely to carry a knife and why?

List the assumptions we make about others. Think about why any of the characters might carry a knife. Invite each pair to share their discussion with the whole group.

End by...

Did we pick the person that we thought was most like us, or least like us?

The simple answer is that anyone can fall into the trap of carrying a knife. But doing so is much more likely to put you at risk or harm than not carrying one.

However, prejudices can make us fearful and lead to the wrong assumptions, like feeling we need to protect ourselves when we might be safe. Watch the video to learn more about prejudice from the Anne Frank Foundation.

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