Don't think so

Discover ways to make thoughts our friends rather than our enemies.

What you will need

You will need...

Timing: 20mins

  • Faces (usually available in Poundland) or can be ordered online
  • Pens
  • Tablet or screen and projector to show the video


Start by...

Give out some cut-out face shapes. On one side, ask participants to write thoughts that they consider as their friends or make them feel good.

On the other side, write down thoughts that make them feel bad, get under their skin or even feel like enemies. For examples, sometimes people feel depressed or suicidal because of negative thoughts.

Middle bit...

Explain that there are simple ways to take control of your thoughts. Start by finding out if members of the group can express tactics which they find useful. See if you can make a list.

End by...

Make it clear that you are not your thoughts. Show the video. Share the wikihow advice (they can look this up on their own phones). Make sure that the group have identified clear strategies for taking control of their thoughts - highlight the ones which they feel they can try and succeed.

Anyone looking to talk to someone can check out the helplines on the Young Scot website. You can also view the document which links to a toolkit on Trauma Informed Practice from the Scottish Government.

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