Mark's story


Mark thought it was all going to kick off down the park. His pals were winding him up. He only took the knife for protection.

The story begins in Mark's bedroom. His mum asks him to be safe and not be home late. Will he follow her advice? How will he respond to a message from Jordan about Ian heading to the park. Does he go to face up to him or does he do something else?


Mark is in the kitchen getting ready to out. He sees the knife on the kitchen worktop. More messages come in. Does he take the knife?

As he heads down the street he bumps into his auntie Karen. She asks where he's going and says 'Watch yereself!'. Is this enough to make him think about what he's going to do?

Mark and his friends carry on to the garage where his dad is working. His dad reminds him that his mum worries about him and asks him to send her a text. Is this another chance to stop and think?

He reaches the park and a crowd is gathering. Ian appears and Mark reacts.

Life Lessons:
The film goes on to show all the different people in Mark's life that have tried to forewarn him. Now they are all affected by the decision Mark took. 

What would you have done? Think about the different people in Mark's life and the role they take on.
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