Week 1 - Violence in  Scotland

This session explores what you already know about youth violence and gives an introduction to some of the topics you will be exploring over the next few weeks.

What you will need

You will need...

Timing: 1 hour

  • A screen and PC or device to show PowerPoint.
  • A copy of the handout. 
  • Flipchart paper and pens.




Start by...

Introduce the sessions using the week 1 power point. Make sure you explain that there may be triggering points for people as you cover these topics over the week and that their teacher is there to support them. Start off with an icebreaker of your choice and/or a circle and then create a working agreement with the young people. 


Middle bit...

Briefly discuss what youth violence is and ask the young people what they know about it. Take a couple of answers from the class and then ask them, as a group, to complete the first column on the KWL grid. Have a further discussion based on what they wrote down and ask them to think of what they want to learn from these sessions. Keep these safe, you'll need them for your final session. 


End by...

Explain that you are going to explore the impact that youth violence has on them personally, their school and the community. This is all anonymous so there should be no names next to any comments. Discuss what risk taking behaviours might look like and the impact of these, using our modules as a guide. Split the class into three groups. If you have a larger number, you might want to break them into six. Stick the 3 pieces of flipchart paper to the wall (me, school, community) and give each group a different coloured pen. Rotate the groups around the stations giving them a few minutes at each one. Discuss their answers and sum up the activity. Link this to next week's session on the bystander effect and knife crime.

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