Week 7 - Social Action

This session will recap your learning over the past six weeks and provide learners the opportunity to partake in a social action activity. 

What you will need

You will need...

Timing: 1 hour

  • KWL Grid from week 1. 
  • Pens/pencils


Start by...

Summarise the key learning points of the last 6 weeks. Play a game of splat to revise their learning. Hand back their KWL Grid from week 1 and ask them to complete the last column ‘What I have learned.’

Middle bit...

Explain what social action is, its impact and benefits. Choose one of the following activities for the young people to showcase their learning:

Create a poster: LINK 

Produce a podcast: LINK

Create a presentation: LINK

End by...

Asking the young people to share their learning. What will they take away from the sessions? Complete feedback forms and hand out certificates to learners.

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