Showcase your sessions

The aim of this page is to display the great work and activities that have been submitted by peer educators. This will let you see how others have adapted sessions to different ages, group sizes and settings, as well as sharing new ideas. 

So if you have a great idea for a session activity then send us it by clicking on the button below and you could see your activity feature below!
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Scheme Crossing 

Strengthening the relationships amongst Peer Eduactors is vital. At Calderglen they completed a timed trial crossing safely  from one side of the scheme to another using carpet squares, answering questions along the way. The key focus for this challenge was communication skills. 


To make a carousel more fun, this group made their flipchart papers into snowballs.  Instead of moving around the room they  scrunched up their ideas and threw a 'snowball' to the other group. Remember to refer to your working agreement when setting the ground rules for this task!

Fun Fact Icebreaker

Ask participants to write a fun or obscure fact about themselves on a post-it note without anyone else seeing it. Fold it in half so the fact is covered and pass round a wallet to put them in. The last person takes them out the wallet and places them randomly in the centre of the table. The group then must race against the clock to decide which fact belongs to who. You can not give any hints to which fact is yours.

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