Awareness to Action

Use your knowledge to create a poster that influences your peers to make more positive choices when faced with risk taking behaviours.

What you will need

You will need...

Timing: 45 mins

  • Large piece of paper for each learner/group
  • Access to NKBL resources for research (optional)
  • Pens, coloured pencils or art supplies
  • Scissors, glue and other necessary supplies
  • Poster examples


Start by...

Discuss the importance of making positive choices when faced with risk-taking behaviours. Explain that learners will be creating a poster to present facts and promote positive alternatives to risk-taking behaviours. Emphasise the impact of visual communication and the ability of a poster to capture attention and convey messages effectively.


Middle bit...

On a whiteboard or flipchart paper, facilitate a brainstorming session to create a list of alternative choices when faced with risk-taking situations. Encourage students to think creatively and consider options that promote personal well-being, a bystander approach and positive social action. Learners can then use these ideas to inspire their poster design. 

Explain that you are looking for their poster to meet the following criteria:

  • a clear message
  • eye catching  
  • don't have weapons, blood or scare tactics 



End by...

Allow time for the learners to share their posters with the class (this can be during and/or at the end). Encourage them to explain the message behind their design and the positive choices they want to promote. Others can provide feedback and share their thoughts on the effectiveness of the message.

Lead a reflective discussion about the process of creating the posters and the influence they can have on spreading information and promoting positive choices. Why is this important? Encourage learners to consider ways they can use their posters in their community or school to create social change.

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