Create a Ripple Effect

A collection of 'small' actions within your community can create a rippling effect, causing a national impact. This session explores the actions that can be taken personally, within your community and at a national level and who can support you in these. 

What you will need

You will need...

Timing: 45 mins

  • A screen and PC or device to play the video.
  • Small stone and tub of water.
  • Post-it notes.
  • Pens/Pencils. 


Start by...

Before you begin place the cards in resource 1 around the room. 

Throw a stone into a tub of water (or similar). Watch how the water around it changes, much further away than where the stone entered the water. This is proof that a small action can lead to bigger changes, even if you can't see how far it will reach. This is the rippling effect. Play the video explaining local to global impact. Discuss the current situation of youth violence within your community.

Middle bit...

Split the group into three teams and allocate them one of the following levels: personal, local, national. The team should safely move around the room and collect the cards they feel could be done at each level to have a larger impact.  There may be more than one of the same card. Discuss what actions each team chose for their level and why. Would they add any actions to the cards?

End by...

The group have identified what they could do individually, locally andas a country to have a impact on reducing youth violence nationally. Ask them to consider what actions they could realistically take to start or contribute to a rippling effect personally and within their community. What support do they need to accomplish this? Have them write this on a post-it note or piece of paper. 

Summarise the session emphasising that small actions can make big differences within their community and beyond. 

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