Empowering Choices

Help raise awareness amongst your peers about the consequences of risk-taking behaviors, specifically focusing on the topic of knife crime. Using the NKBL website, create a presentation allowing your peers make more positive, informed decisions.

What you will need

You will need...

Timing: 1 hour

  • A computer/laptop with internet access
  • Presentation software e.g. PowerPoint, Google Slides
  • Paper for notes 


Start by...

Put the young people into small groups and ask them to write "Risk-taking Behaviours" in the centre of a blank piece of paper. Put a 2 minute timer on the board and ask them to write down what they can remember about these behaviours from previous sessions or their own knowledge. Play last person standing: go around the room getting a different answer from each group. If they run out of answers or repeat another groups answer, they need to sit down. The last group standing wins. Explain that they are going to be using the NKBL website to create a presentation to influence their peers to take informed action against knife crime.

Provide a brief overview of www.noknivesbetterlives.com. Discuss the potential consequences and dangers associated with knife crime, such as violence, injury, legal consequences, and the impact on families and communities (Use the peer ed module to help you). Encourage them to think critically about why individuals may engage in risk-taking behaviours and the factors that influence their decisions.

Throughout the session emphasise the importance of maintaining a respectful and empathetic when discussing sensitive topics such as knife crime. Remind learners that the goal is to educate and raise awareness rather than pass judgment or stereotype individuals involved in risk-taking behaviours.

Middle bit...

In pairs, give the learners time to explore the NKBL website. Encourage them to take notes on key information they find interesting or impactful including statistics, case studies and personal stories.

Join two sets of pairs together to form a group of 4 and explain that they are to create a presentation using the information that both sets of pairs gathered. Emphasise that the presentation should aim to educate and engage their peers, highlighting the risks and consequences of knife crime and promoting positive choices. Encourage creativity in the presentation design by including visual aids, images, videos, and real-life examples. Remind students that there should be no images of blood, knives or use of scare tactics. 


End by...


At the end, encourage students to reflect on their own attitudes towards risk-taking behaviours and the impact the information they learned might have on their decision-making. Discuss the importance of spreading awareness amongst peers and taking responsibility for promoting positive choices.

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