Media & stock images 

We have developed a set of stock images to change the media’s knife crime narrative, challenge stereotypes and keep young people safer.

We believe changing the media’s narrative around knife crime will support prevention work with young people and wider communities. The images used in news reports form a crucial part of this undertaking, which is why we have developed this resource.

Why this is needed

Reassurance is one of the 4 Rs that informs our knife crime prevention work. This means reassuring young people that knife carrying is not common in Scotland. 

When reporting on knife crime, the media often use images that advance a certain stereotype of a person carrying a knife related to age, gender, and social class. 

Additionally, they often show large or unusual knives. This can make young people afraid and thereby increase defensive knife carrying, contributing to the idea that knife carrying is the ‘norm’.

These new images were co-designed with young people to help prevent knife carrying. They portray a less prejudiced view of knife carrying and knife crime.

Background and research

Taking place in the Year of Young People (YOYP) 2018  this project contributed to the YOYP objective to develop better understanding, cooperation and respect between generations. It also provided an opportunity for young people to express themselves through the media.

Further background and research:

Using the images 

The No Knives, Better Lives stock image collection provides images free of charge for print, online and broadcast media editorial use only. These images have been created to support the prevention of knife carrying and crime in Scotland. 

They are not to be used for any commercial advertising, marketing or promotional purposes by third parties, or for internal communications requirements such as newsletters or non-commercial websites, without the expressed permission of No Knives, Better Lives and the copyright holder. 

The images may not be cropped, altered or manipulated in any way. 

The images should be shown with a small copyright notice acknowledging the original work’s authorship, as is typical for rights-managed stock photography: © Open Aye 

The people depicted in the images are models and represent imaginary persons.

Media enquiries

For media enquiries, please see our media contact page

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