Nae danger game 

Meet Darren and find out about his experience with knife carrying in this interactive game.

Immerse yourself in Darren’s world and make decisions for him as you navigate the story and see how it ends. Then discuss what happened with your friends and classmates.

The main story is mixed with mini-games along the way where you can add your own spin, answer quiz questions and draw pictures which are shared and voted on by everyone playing.

With between 5 to 50 players, this game is ideal for classrooms and youth groups. It can be played via phone or internet browser, and also works over video call (Zoom/Google Meets/Microsoft Teams) to support distance learning.


You will host the game and the main screen that players watch where the story is told.


Access the game using the link below and enter the room code on the main screen

IT Departments

Download our technical document for IT departments.

If you are having issues running the game, we have developed a technical document that can be shared with IT departments to help this. This document is aimed for technical administrators of School Networks.

The Technical Document below outlines how the game is run.

Technical Document

If you are still having issues please use the need help support email in the tab below or email

Need Help

If you are experience technical difficulties access the game, please email the support team who can assist.  

Support Ticket Email: 
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