Positive Masculinity

Talking about positive masculinity is an important way to promote healthier gender norms and create a more equitable and inclusive society. 

Harmful masculinity is one of the drivers of violence.

Reframing the narrative

Our work is flipping the script from ‘toxic’ masculinity to ‘positive’ masculinity .

A lot of people, especially young men do not like the proximity of the word ‘toxic’ next to the word masculinity with its negative connotations. Yet it has come to be a term of reference that is used to describe a plethora of ‘bad’ behaviour from men. It is also a very recognisable term. However, it’s not a good definition – we don’t want to promote non-toxic masculinity and such limited and limiting terms of reference, we want to talk about positive masculinity and what it means to flourish.

Imagine A Man

Discover more about our work on positive masculinity.
Bird's eye view of a young person on their mobile phone.

What is it like to be a boy or young man in Scotland?

Our research with young people developed and deepened our understanding of how young people feel about masculinity and growing up.
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What is positive masculinity?

Year two of #IAM worked with youth groups to explore positive masculinity.
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Practitioner Resources

The practitioner toolkit and training resources can be found here.
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