Police Scotland: use of Stop and Search


Police Scotland recognise that stopping and searching members of the public is a significant intrusion into their personal liberty and privacy, and are committed to ensuring that all stop and search activity is carried out in a lawful, proportionate, justifiable and accountable manner.

Whilst carrying out a Stop and Search, officers will treat members of the public in keeping with Police Scotland’s core values of fairness, integrity, respect. Police Scotland will ensure that an individual’s rights are upheld in accordance with the Human Rights Act 1998 and the Equalities Act 2010.


Police powers of Stop and Search

Police powers of Stop and Search are used when a police officer reasonably suspects you to be in possession of an illegal or harmful item.

In Scotland, the Code of Practice on the use of Stop and Search governs all situations when officers Stop and Search a person. Officers must have a specific reason to conduct a search and must carry out that search using a specific statutory power. An officer cannot search you without a specific reason, even with your consent.

An officer can search:

  • You and your clothes
  • anything you are carrying, such as a bag or wallet
  • the vehicle you are traveling in (where applicable)

You can find a list of Statutory Powers of Search, associated legislation and Statutory Powers to require the surrender of items on the Police Scotland website


Your rights

Officers will act with integrity at all times and treat you with fairness and respect.

You will not be stopped and searched because of your age, sex, ethnic background or religion.

Officers should explain why they have stopped you and before any search, explain what they are looking for. Being stopped by the police does not mean that you are under arrest but you will need to stay with the officer until they have completed the search.

After the search, officers should provide you with a receipt for the search, which contains information about your rights and how you can access a copy of your Stop and Search record.

You will not get a criminal record unless you are convicted of an offense.  Any personal information collected will be kept for police purposes and then destroyed after three years.

For more information on Stop and Search please visit the Police Scotland website.

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