Don't be in the dark about knife crime

Hear from someone who knows all the right answers for all the wrong reasons and find out just how sharp you are on knife crime.

What happens when you’re caught with a knife?

You might think it depends on the circumstances. Think again.

If you get caught up in knife crime, you’re not just going to get a slap on the wrists. It doesn’t matter if it’s for your own protection or if you are carrying a knife for someone else. Just carrying a knife can get you sent to prison for up to four years, even if you don’t use it.

What are the consequences of carrying a knife?

Your sentence could last long after you’ve come out of jail.

Do you know what the consequences of carrying a knife are? For a start, one of the key facts on knife crime is that if you carry a knife you are more likely to get stabbed yourself.

Your pal’s got a knife and they use it, does that involve you?

Be careful who your friends are. If they carry a knife, you could be in trouble too.

Did you know that just being present at an incident involving knife crime could be enough to earn jail time? And depending on circumstances, you could even face a murder charge in the event of a death.

What happens when you use a knife?

Use a knife and the consequences get much worse, for everyone involved.

Let’s be clear about knife crime and the consequences. There is no ‘safe place’ to stab someone. It's all the same, and chances are you will be going to jail, no matter the eventual outcome.

Get stabbed in the heart and you can lose all of your blood in one minute. But a wound in the arm or the leg can still kill—young people have died from wounds to the leg because an artery was severed.

If you stab somebody and they die, you may face a life sentence for it. Know the consequences of being involved in knife crime.

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