Peer Education

Peer Influence, Youth Activism and Social Change

Practitioners will gain the knowledge, skills and resources needed to effectively inspire young people to engage in meaningful social action to create a safer Scotland. The use of videos, case studies, and interactive activities will enhance their learning experience and provide practical tools to apply in their work with young people.

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Imagine a Man - Building positive masculinity with young people

Imagine a Man is about building positive masculinity with young people. Talking about positive masculinity promotes healthier gender norms and create a more equitable and inclusive society. Positive masculinity benefits everyone.

In 2021 No Knives, Better Lives explored what it was like to be a boy or young man in Scotland today. The purpose of the research was to develop and deepen our understanding of how young people felt about masculinity and growing up, and whether there was early evidence of the impact of cultural and social norms around masculinity on risk taking and violent behaviour. As a result of this work we started to use the term positive masculinity.

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A Beginners Guide to Peer Education

This is the first module in the foundation Peer Education series. It aims to equip participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to develop and deliver their own NKBL peer education programmes.

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An Online Guide to Using NKBL Peer Education Resources

Learn how to use No Knives Better Lives online peer education resources.

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