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Imagine a Man - Building positive masculinity with young people

About Course

Imagine a Man - Building positive masculinity with young people

The Imagine a Man training is for anyone wishing to explore and build 'positive masculinity' with young people. Positive masculinity benefits everyone, not just boys and young men, and therefore it is everyone's business.

This online training course accompanies the resource, Imagine a Man - Building positive masculinity with young people. and is all about developing confidence in discussing masculinity. You can go through the sections online and at your own pace. You can also revisit them, even if you have completed the course. Some of the concepts may be quite challenging if you are new to them.

In the online Imagine a Man training, we explore why talking about positive masculinity is important, what constitutes positive masculinity, and what are the core conditions to help develop a healthy, flourishing and optimistic future for all boys and young men.

Calling men ‘toxic’ doesn’t work. We need to reframe the narrative around masculinity to talk up positive behaviour. If we don’t have good role models or places to talk about what manhood means, then our boys and young men are much more likely to go off the rails. Boys and young men need to feel as if they matter in society.

Imagine a Man is an initiative that is all about talking to boys and young men about positive masculinity. The Imagine a Man resource is the result of 2 years of research and consultation with boys and young men about what is important to them.

By undertaking this course, we hope you will join us in building a positive masculinity movement that benefits everyone.

What Will You Learn?

  • What constitutes positive masculinity
  • Why it is important to talk about positive masculinity
  • Changing the narrative from 'toxic' to 'positive' masculinity
  • Creating brave spaces for young people
  • The scaffolding needed to enable boys and young men to flourish
  • The role of the practitioner and pro-social adult
  • Targeted and Universal approaches
  • Influencing and changing social and cultural norms

Course Content

Imagine a Man - Introduction
About this training Professional Learning Learning Outcomes Useful Terminology Using the Imagine a Man Toolkit Check in

  • About This Training
  • Professional Learning
  • Learning Objectives
  • Useful Terminology
  • Using The Imagine a Man Toolkit
  • Check in

Imagine a Man - Thinking it through
Using this Resource Introduction About No Knives Better Lives Why this work is relevant The Context Our Approach Flipping the Script Using a Universal Approach Using a Targeted Approach Intersectionality Delivery Model

Imagine a Man - Getting started
Why talk about positive masculinity? What is positive masculinity? Masculinity or masculinities? A Brave Space Refection

Imagine a Man - Making it work
The role of the practitioner The pro-social adult Wise Elders Role Models Arranging the scaffolding • Mattering really matters • Strength as a positive • Humour helps! • Connecting connects and people feel grounded • Caring as a valued trait in boys and young men • Respect and disrespect • Flourishing future and an optimist outlook

Imagine a Man - Passing it on
Positive stories Being an influencer Youth-led research Peer education Creating Brave Spaces Hope for the future

Imagine a Man - Downloads & Conclusion
Toolkit Download Policy Briefing Download Original Research Download Evaluation Check out

Student Ratings & Reviews

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2 weeks ago
Enjoyable and informative
1 month ago
1 month ago
well explained and interesting
3 months ago
Good course
9 months ago
Gave me a process which can be used in school with the young people.
10 months ago
One of the best online course I've ever done, really interesting with so much practical application
12 months ago
i really enjoyed this i came across it on twitter and thought it would be useful tool for me in my role.
learned a lot and very much enjoyed the ease of learning
Scott Menmuir
12 months ago
As part of one of the groups, it has inspired me to be even more positive than I am already. Every young man has the ability to spread positiveness! By using the toolkit, it encourages us all to promote positive masculinity in all our groups

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