Public Health Approach

The Lassies are No Feart - Violence between Girls in Scotland

This course is for everyone who wishes to learn more about the experiences of girls and young women in Scotland. No Knives, Better Lives talked with young women about their experiences of violence and what they thought would prevent violence. They told us about their relationships, support and community; their perceptions of and influences on […]

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Alcohol and Violence Prevention

This online training is intended to create space to talk through the issue of alcohol and its relationship to violence in Scotland. It’s not about saying to young people, ‘don’t drink!’ or ‘never go out’ or ‘avoid certain crowds’, because we know from experience and evidence that those Just Say No approaches have little impact on young people’s behaviour.

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Imagine a Man - Building positive masculinity with young people

Imagine a Man is about building positive masculinity with young people. Talking about positive masculinity promotes healthier gender norms and create a more equitable and inclusive society. Positive masculinity benefits everyone.

In 2021 No Knives, Better Lives explored what it was like to be a boy or young man in Scotland today. The purpose of the research was to develop and deepen our understanding of how young people felt about masculinity and growing up, and whether there was early evidence of the impact of cultural and social norms around masculinity on risk taking and violent behaviour. As a result of this work we started to use the term positive masculinity.

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Understanding Violence Prevention: Putting it into Practice

This is the fourth and final module in the course Understanding Violence Prevention and is all about putting your knowledge of violence prevention into practice. In this module you will explore how to develop a programme of activities for young people.

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Using a Public Health Approach

This is the third module in the course Understanding Violence Prevention and explores in more detail using a 'public health' approach including an exploration of the aspects of risk and resilience essential to understanding violence reduction and prevention.

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