Positive Masculinity 

This topic delves into the notion of 'positive masculinity' and how flipping the switch can effect the nature of violent crime in Scotland. 

Regardless of which gender we identify as: men, women or non-binary, the way we stereotype genders in Scotland has a massive influence on how we behave - both good and bad.



Positive Masculinity 

From pushing prams to healthy loving relationships, how we view young men and how we expect them to grow affects all of our lives. 

Find out how helping young men break free from the 'man box' can have a positive impact for everyone.

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Get involved in some activities

The Gender Lense

Learn about Scotland's dominant masculine culture.It's stronger in some places than others, but we are all part of promoting it regardless of our own gender.
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Man Box

An American organisation called ‘A Call to Men’ used the term ‘Man Box’ to describe the way that men are often socialised into a box.
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What Do You Want to Be?

Discover ways to stick to the path of being who we want to be...
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Men and Woman

To think about how roles and responsibilities are divided by gender.
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Man Up!

To explore what it means to be a young man in Scotland today.
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Get a discussion going

Black and White Town

Using song lyrics and a video to discuss the role of gender and masculinity in violence...
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Man Box

An opportunity to discuss the questions that were asked as part of the 'Man Box' research in the UK, US and Mexico.
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Mixing Mark's Emotions

Using Mark's Story (below) we reflect on his emotions as a young man growing up in Scotland.
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A quiz about masculinity.

Each quiz lets you answer questions as an individual or a group. When the quiz is finished, press the button to reveal the answers and see how much you've picked up. Feel free to try it more than once.

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Real life from behind the knife

Mark's story

These real life stories explain the background, the challenges of being involved in knife crime and the hard lessons learned when trying to move on.

Click the link to read the story and interact with a video, audio track or illustration.

Mark's story
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