Week 3 - Alcohol

This session you will explore the physical and internal impact of alcohol on the body and mind. You will discover what this might look like on the outside and how you can help others if they get themselves into risky situations. 

What you will need

You will need...

Timing: 1 hour and 30 minutes

  • A screen and PC or device to play the video
  • Ball or similar
  • Flipchart paper
  • Resource Printouts
  • Pens


Start by...

Introduce the topic by playing a game of don't drop it. Warm them up by asking them what alcohol they already know of (quickfire). Explain that today you are going to be looking at the effects of alcohol on the brain and body and how you can help when alcohol starts to take over their bodies. Play the video and ask the follow up questions.

Middle bit...

Ask the group if they were surprised by any of the facts. Split the class into groups and ask them to carefully draw around the smallest person in their group on flipchart paper. Ask the learners what parts of their body they think alcohol has an effect on. Hand them out the organs and labels and ask them to place them where they think they go. Correct them where needed. Next ask them to put the impact under the correct heading. Discuss the learners' answers and reasonings before revealing the correct answers.

End by...

Handout scenario cards which show the external impacts of alcohol. Explain that one at a time each group is going to perform their scenario and when you shout 'Freeze!' they must pause, and the audience decide how they could be an active bystander in that situation. Conclude the session by summarising the physical and internal impact of alcohol and how to look after each other.

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