Violence BetweenGirls

Based on the findings of our report 'The Lassies are No Feart', this peer education module explores themes of relationships, social norms, values and behaviour through a gendered lens.

Read our Young Person's Version of 'The Lassies are No Feart'.

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Social Media Module

One of the main themes in our report was the impact and influence of social media on girls and young woman. We are working on a module that will explore the algorithms behind the apps and how young people can take back control.



Violence Between Girls

Over the past two years there has been more attention in the news and on social media about physical violence between girls and young women.

In our above report, we talked to girls to learn more about their experiences of violence and to hear their ideas about what could help prevent it. From this, comes the below resources. 

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Get involved in some activities

Violence Between Girls

Begin to explore what violence between girls is using our report as a starting point. 
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No One Cares

The report showed that young people felt there was a lack of adult support available. Use this activity to map out the resources available within your community. 
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Walk in Her Shoes

What would it be like to walk in a girls shoes for a day? Explore the stereotypes and the impact of internalysed misogyny in keeping woman and young girls in 'their box'.  
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Impulse Reactions

This session gives an insight into the relationship between impulsive actions and violence. Explore how can we become more self-aware to help prevent this.
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Red Flag

Explore what healthy relationships
are and see if you can spot the red flags!
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Social Media Campaign

Design a campaign to challenge the stereotypes and promote positive relationships. 
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Get a discussion going


Discuss your groups personal experiences of violence between girls and how we can support girls and young woman further. 
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A Girls Girl

How can girls and young woman help support and cheer each other on?
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