Young People's Response to Preventing Violence - NKBL Hackathon

No Knives, Better Lives hosted a hackathon in October 2022 to give young people the space to put forward their ideas for preventing violence.

In October, we invited young people from across Scotland to come together to discuss youth violence. What is youth violence? What causes it? And perhaps most importantly, how can we prevent it? Young people generously shared their insights, experiences and ideas to create a project to take forward in 2023.

We challenged groups to come up with ideas to prevent youth violence in their community, with ideas that could be replicated across Scotland.

Young people came with pitches (think The Apprentice) to convince others their idea was the best. Ideas included:

  • Social media campaigns
  • Youth safe zones
  • Safety apps
  • Knife bins
  • Expression Rooms

During the hackathon, each idea was developed with help from the NKBL team. At the end of the hackathon, every participant voted for the project that should be taken forward in 2023. The project chosen was Expression Rooms.

Read more about the Expression Rooms idea and the other ideas from young people in the Hackathon Report.

We are now working with a group of young people to progress Expression Rooms. We'll be posting about our progress on Twitter. Stay tuned for updates.

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