The Plea Bargain

Guest blogger Martin shares his creative response to the recent knife crime surge in London.

13 Sep 2018
by Orielle, Uncategorized

Guest blogger Martin shares his creative response to the recent knife crime surge in London.

I was driving home one day last week and heard of yet another stabbing in London. Whilst on that drive, the very first line of this poem formed in my head and it stuck there until I got home. I simply couldn’t let it drop and within twenty minutes I had written the rest. There has to be a way for the people of the UK to be heard and laws changed. I’d love this to inspire others to say something until we are all one voice.

What will become of your life? When you decide to run with the knife.
The killing it’s just so absurd, as you join in step with the herd.
Your attitude is “I’m alright Jack!” But yet you still crave to be part of a pack.

The streets that you walk on are all paved with gold, but few of you will ever grow old.
You have to rule your part of the city, But the reality is, you just create pity.
“Oh look yet again! There goes another.” As the police drive off to tell the poor mother.

They don’t want to go, they know what they’d rather. He’d only just become a father!
He lies on the street his life is in doubt. Too late for help now he’s just bleeding out.
How many people did you used to know, and how many coffins with heads all bowed low?

The streets they are rivers of tears in the wake. Keep up the killing it will soon be a lake.
My bargain is this and you now should listen, or the tears of your family in light they will glisten.
Put down your shank and pick up your feet. March with the masses for peace on the street.

For voices are heard and in tune with the crowd. Take back your dignity and hold your head proud.
Your blade is your friend? Your blade is The End.

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