Want an Insight into Your Wellbeing??

In May the No Knives Better Lives Team and YouthLink Scotland Staff trained in the amazing Insight to Wellbeing curriculum.

In May the No Knives Better Lives Team and YouthLink Scotland Staff trained in the amazing Insight to Wellbeing curriculum (https://insighttowellbeing.org/) with Beyond Recovery CIC.

We had the pleasure of 3 fun filled days with the Beyond Recovery Team going through the curriculum in depth and hearing the lived experiences of Omar, Derrick and the team and how it changed their lives.

This exciting partnership means that we bring this evidence based curriculum to youth workers and young people across Scotland.

The purpose of the course is to transform the lives of young people by pointing them to their innate resilience and wellbeing. This happens through personal reflection and moments of insight into individual thought process. The workshops are interactive and fun while creating brave spaces for the young people to explore their own wellbeing.

 “The Beyond Recovery Insight to Well-being course was thought provoking. Based around your own personal journey, you were given the space and time to explore your own mind and, through interactive activities, realise that it is reality which you create for yourself, not the other way around. I really benefited from time spent exploring the curriculum and being able to try them out on our peers. The trainers were all inspiring people who created a safe environment for us to openly share our thoughts and feeling. Wilson and Derek’s personal journeys added an extra level to this. Overall, a great course delivered with a process focus which left me wondering more about the three principles that are core to it all.”
Nadine Daly- Development officer, NKBL, YLS.

Pilots are planned across Scotland staring in July with wider practitioner training available later in the year. We have already tried some of the activities and they have been really well received! We believe understanding our wellbeing is key to a happy life and will be looking at ways we can use this understanding across NKBL. Anyone who does the new Virtual Reality Workshops will be getting to experience some activities and more is planned!

The NKBL tailored curriculum is designed to share an understanding of the mind and human experience for the purpose of reducing risk factorsuncovering resilience and promoting emotional and psychological well-being for the curriculum is designed for children and young people. This innovative curriculum is taught through a compilation of sessions that speak to the potential, ability, and resilience inside every human.

“I really enjoyed the Insights to Wellbeing course and being trained by the team at Beyond Recovery C.I.C. The trainers were really skilled in holding space for personal and group reflections. The activities were fun and interactive, really giving us an opportunity to think through how to deliver Insights to Wellbeing to young people. I can see the potential for this course for all young people in Scotland.”

Emily Beever-  Senior Development Officer – NKBL, YLS

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If you are interested in speaking to the Beyond Recovery Team Direct- you can contact them here:  info@beyond-recovery.co.uk

Massive thank you again to Mama J, Omar, Derrick, Emma and the whole Beyond Recovery Team making it happen! We cannot wait to roll this out in Scotland!


NKBL Delivery Team

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